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Q: Where do I park?


A: Parking is located at the neighborhood, Wildhorse Canyon,directly across the street from the Ranch. Police will assist guests with crossing Wildhorse Creek Road


Q: Is this wheelchair friendly?


A: R&R Ranch has a long driveway filled with small pebble rocks (orange chat) which may make using a wheelchair challenging. In addition, there is one step into the barn, two steps onto the barn porch and five steps into the Gift Shop.


Q: This has always been a free event. Why are you charging this year?

A: As much as we didn’t want to charge for this fun event, we have found that in the past, when it has been free, too many people don’t show up when other plans arise. This causes other guests, who were unable to sign up when we became full, to miss out on the event when they otherwise could have attended. We are hoping a small fee, which should be considered a donation, will hold commitments better. 


Q: Will there be food?

A: We will have light refreshments and tasty treats available for you to enjoy as our guest. New this year will be our Grilled Cheese Station!


Q: What if I need to cancel, can I receive a refund?


A: No refunds will be given for cancellations


Q: Are there any activities for kids to do?

A: The Ranch is loaded with photo opportunities, Santa & Mrs. Claus will be on hand, reindeer food is available for kids and of course, writing letters to Santa, will all be available

Q: Will you have your Gift Shop open?

A: Absolutely! We will have plenty of elves on hand to make check out go quickly and help you pick out just the right gift. And, new for this year, is our Complimentary Gift Wrapping right then and there!


Q: What if I need an extra ticket and you’re sold out?

A: Please contact us via email and we will see how our attendance looks during all hours


Q: Is this a fundraiser for you guys?

A: Not necessarily. This event is one that we do to share and spread joy with the community. However, all proceeds from our Gift Shop go 100% in addition to ticket sales, go back into the care of our rescue horses. We are a 501c3 non-profit rescue sanctuary 

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