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R&R Ranch is located on nearly 32 beautifully wooded acres in the
Chesterfield Valley of Missouri. We purchased our property as raw land.
Knowing that we wanted to preserve the natural beauty of what we had, we set
out to make the best use of the land while peacefully coexisting with our new
neighbors, namely, turkey, deer and squirrels.

The land development was a special time for us. It was a time of dreaming.
What did we want to do with this beautiful property? How were we going to
situate things on it? Our house, possibly a barn and a garage to house a
collection of classic cars.

Animals residing at R&R Ranch include four dogs, one cat, four birds, one
bunny, 17 miniature horses, three dwarf miniature horses, two miniature
donkeys, and two full-size horses. 


The community is curious about our miniature horses and often request visits to the barn. We believe it is important to understand the history and background of each of the horses because that is part of the fascination of learning why we have as many as we do. Suffice it to say that our barn is a haven for rescued miniature horses and ponies. 

Our long term goal is to help educate the general public about the care miniature horses need.


R&R Ranch’s mission is to increase public awareness of miniature horses and educate people on the proper treatment and care required when owning one.  This mission is important because there is a strong trend right now where people often objectify them as cutesy, kids toys.  This thought process ultimately leads to miniature horses needlessly suffering due to neglect once an owner no longer wants to do the work necessary to care for the horse.  Even worse, the cycle continues and spreads as these horses are bred by uneducated owners, even though they may mean well. If people are aware of the needs of these special little horses, the lives of so many, both owner and horse, could be greatly improved.

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