Our Story

How It All Got Started

R&R Ranch is situated on nearly 23 beautifully wooded acres in Chesterfield, MO. Our home was built in 2015, and the barn was completed the following spring of 2016. Horses were gradually moved over from Kennedy Farms where they had been boarded for the past several years, in October 2016.

Animals residing at R&R Ranch include four dogs, one cat, six birds, one bunny, 11 miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, and two full-size horses. Because miniature horses are small by nature, they are able to comfortably share a stall with another mini.

The community is curious about our miniature horses and are often requesting visits to the barn. It is important that you understand the history and background of each of the horses because that is part of the fascination of learning about why we have as many minis as we do. Suffice it to say that our barn is a haven for rescued miniature horses and ponies. 

Stacy Rolfe with Miniature Horse

Our near-term goal is to select one possibly two miniature horses to be trained and used as a certified therapy horse. Once certified, we would like to visit nursing homes and provide not only the excitement of seeing a small horse but for those who may have been around horses back in the day, the opportunity to get that rich barn smell that only comes from being around horses.

We’re Here to Help Miniature Horses

R&R Ranch’s mission is to increase public awareness in miniature horses and educate people on the proper treatment and care required when owning one.  This mission is incredibly important because there is a strong trend right now where people often objectify them as cutesy, kids toys.  This thought process ultimately leads to miniature horses needlessly suffering due to neglect once an owner no longer wants to do the work necessary to care for the horse.  Even worse, the cycle continues and spreads as these horses are bred by uneducated owners, even though they may mean well. If people are aware of the needs of these special little horses, the lives of so many, both owner and horse, could be greatly improved.