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Baker was just two years old, and just about the saddest pony we have ever had. Purchased at auction, we knew we were buying a broken horse. Baker was physically and spiritually a broken horse.


His hooves had been left uncared for leaving him walking on the inside of overgrown feet. His body was covered with lice. A red halter was so tight on him that he had grown embedded into his skin and the look in his eye was one of “now what?”

Baker was down on life because quite honestly, life had let him down. He had suffered for two years with hooves that made every step he took, unbearable. He had been chased and bitten by dogs as evidenced from his skin as well as his reaction to our own, very kind dogs. He had been starved and was left with no meat on his bones.


We immediately started him on antibiotics along with a re-nurishment program offered by UC Davis, a feeding plan for starved horses.

We began work on his feet immediately and started to encourage him to trust us. His socializing was slow. Entry into is stall or to pet him was more often met with pinned ears than a happy greeting.

However, as time marched on, Baker began to make small steps towards recovery. His weight began to come back as did the glisten in his eye. And today, at the age of three, Baker is one of our absolutely most grateful ponies that we have. He is friend to all, including all five of our dogs, fears nothing and can run, buck and kick with the best one while out at play.

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