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Adopted from the Missouri Humane Society's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, Bambi is a beautiful Shetland Pony. With her luscious thick, flowing blonde mane and her deep, carmel colored eyes, Bambi is every little girl’s dream pony.


In 2016, Bambi survived having equine coronavirus. She was hospitalized in intensive care and  quarantine for nearly one week to battle the disease. The virus went neurological on her and she lost all control of her head movement, leaving her with an inability to stop banging her head into walls. To this day, Bambi still bares the deep cut scar over her right eye, reminding us of how precious she is to us after having nearly lost her.

Today, Bambi is the picture of health and happiness.

bambi (1).jpg


Milton shares a stall with Bambi although he is a miniature donkey. He has ridiculously long ears, pleading brown eyes and a gentleness about him that is only befitting of one named, Milton.


Milton has one wish in life, and that is to be loved. And, love him we do. It is impossible not to walk past Milton without rubbing his forehead, snuggling in for a hug or a kiss on the cheek and always, always, always, telling Milton, “everything will be okay” when he starts to get his motor going for a quick “wuffle” sound of a bray.

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