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Cousins born one month apart from each other to us at the Ranch. Betsy has grown into her own being, finally, at the age of six. Before this, she was completely dependent on her older cousin, Lucy, for everything.


Betsy has never known neglect, starvation or abuse. She was lucky enough to be born to Sophie, less than one year after she came to us.



Although Lucy is the older of the two baby cousins, she is the smaller of the two. Lucy is silly. She likes to play with the boys. She is a rough and tumble kind of girl, but she is also one of the most kind horse that we have. She is easy going. Lucy has a thick, flowing mane and yet always seems to have an old bedroom slipper look about her.

When Lucy was borne to Ella, she was refused at birth. No amount of working with her mother would make it a successful relationship, and therefore, Lucy had to learn at the age of two weeks, how to drink foal milk from a bucket.


She was raised by a group effort, serving her milk every hour on the hour before graduating to every two hours, then every three hours and so on.


Lucy is a vibrant, healthy six year old who will forever be known as the “baby of the barn.”

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