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Within hours of bringing Booker Baby home from auction, he was immediately assessed and started treatment for pneumonia, compromised lung capacity and a serious ulcer in his left eye. Within five days and an unresponsive ulcer to the medicine, Booker was rushed to the University of Missouri’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to save his eye and eyesight.

Booker Baby's Eye

Now, at age two, Booker has  proved textbook diagnostics can be overcome as he went on to lead a happy, playful life filled with eyesight and running. However, those earlier predictions have reared their ugly heads as Booker now faces nearly crippling arthritis.

Booker Baby's Eyewear

During his recovery, body scans and x-rays showed we were facing many serious health threats to him, including terrible stifles which were predicted to leave him unable to run and/or have a very short, painful life.

Booker Baby Getting Treatment
Booker Baby's Much Needed Rest
It's not a Bug, It's Booker Baby

He receives various forms of treatment and therapies, gratefully, which seem to be helping.


Martha looking after Booker Baby
Booker Looking Sweet
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