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TOUR Guidelines



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Toddler Tours 

Please email for availability of Toddler Tours 

We love what is often being the first encounter with a horse for young children. Toddler Tours are 30 minutes and include hands on interaction, usually with Martha. Since these tours are short we can often add you in rather quickly or a planned date.

Tours are generally one hour in length and include a video presentation of our horses. A lot of what we share with the public is the “before and after” images or videos of our horses prior to and during their time with us at the Ranch. Almost all of our horses have been through a lot in their lives and therefore seeing their condition as they were in the past, may be upsetting to some guests. We want you to know this upfront.


The fact that our tours are highly educational requires us to limit the ages of guests to children ages eight and above. Once the video presentation is complete, guests are welcome to meander the barn, see where our horses live and play and view our outdoor paddocks and pastures. The use of cameras and taking pictures is welcome!


We kindly ask that you do not pet the horses. Even though our horses are small, they are still horses and even the best natured horse can be unpredictable. Our number one priority is the safety of our guests as well as our horses. On occasion we may bring Martha or the other dwarfs out to visit with guests. They may be on lead ropes or we may allow them to roam freely. Therefore, we encourage closed toe shoes when visiting.


Our family and staff are all fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and will not be wearing masks. We do not require visitors to wear masks IF they have been vaccinated. However, this is on the honor system. And, if you are visiting the Ranch, we pretty much assume you’re a good person and will be honest about this.


Private Tours may be booked for children under the age of eight or, if you would like a more personalized experience. Tours are held rain or shine. And, finally, we are a private property who is willing to share a glimpse into our barn and therefore, we do not offer a public restroom. Please keep this in mind.


Our Gift Shop will be open for your shopping and ability to bring home your own Martha plush, Book or any number of items that we offer, without having to pay for shipping!


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