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Ella & Sophie

Ella and Sophie, sisters, at the age of two, were purchased from a person who owned large scale amusement parks. Their destiny was to be carnival ride ponies.


We had been watching one of them, Ella, as she was in a field that we traveled by often. We would stop to visit and she never failed to come see us at the wired fence line. 


However, it was her sister, Sophie, that was much more reserved and would always hang back and never come up to the fence and let us pet her.

So, with a little investigative work to discover her owned them, we made arrangements to buy Ella. It was not easy to do and took several annoying calls on our part to convince the owner to sell her.


Once we had an agreement on price, we drove the 60 miles to pay for her. However, no one met us to exchange money for her. After waiting a while, we sadly got back in the car to go home. At this point, I said to my husband, I would call the person to find out why they didn’t show up, yet, when we did get together, I was going to  feel sad taking Ella, as she always had her friend hanging about 20’ behind her and would never come to the fence.

Ella & Sophie Running in the Snow

At this point, my husband said to me, without skipping a beat, “Well, you’re going to have to get her too. And I’m going to tell you what to name her” to which I replied, “What should we name her” and he said, “Sophie.” I said, “You know I love that name, I wanted to name our daughter Sophie. But, why do you want to name her this?” Got which he said, “This way, you won’t have to make a Sophie’s Choice.”

Ella & Sophie on parade
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