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We brought Martha home during a snow storm in January 2019. She was barely three months old at the time. The reason for bringing her home so young was due to her extreme leg deformity. Having been advised that the sooner she received intervention, the better chance of a successful outcome Martha would have.


Her story grew as support from adoring fans prayed for her strength to overcome her physical challenges. And, indeed she did. 


Martha soon surpassed her life expectancy of 6-12 months as her weekly treatments allowed her legs to begin straightening out.

Martha’s humble beginnings of a young dwarf foal with severe leg deformity catapulted her quickly into worldwide fame. Fans on social media pages wanted to learn more about her and we were only too happy to share.


Martha soon became an inspiration to everyone who knew and loved her. She proved to the world that anyone can “do it” and one could have a happy life despite her lifelong physical challenges.

To this day, at the age of three years old, Martha is a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of people, all over this world.

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