Bambi and Milton

Bambi & Milton were both adopted from Longmeadow’s Rescue Ranch in August 2016.  They were both brought to Longmeadow from another rescue operation outside of Kansas City, MO, which closed their doors.


Bambi is what we would call the Lead Mare of the group. This means, that Bambi calls the shots in the paddock. She will chase off any horse that she doesn’t want to be around, occasionally kick at them, or, perhaps pin her ears or squeal. The other horses know she is in charge and generally speaking, give her the respect that she’s earned. Despite being the lead mare, Bambi is a very friendly horse and is wonderful to be around both people and kids. She has been on an outing to an elementary school and stood patiently while many students petted her and asked questions.

Bambi is 12 years old and is a Shetland Pony.

In December of 2016, Bambi contracted a very rare virus that nearly killed her within 24 hours. She was in the clinic, in ICU with someone in her stall caring for her 24/7 for five days. Thankfully, she pulled through and was able to return home where she was on a plethora of medicines, stall rest, quarantine and a modified diet. After approximately 30-45 days, Bambi began regaining her strength and began putting some of the 75 lbs she had lost, back on.

Today, Bambi is the picture of health and happiness.


Milton, is 12 years old and is a miniature donkey. He lives up to his name by being the most docile of all creatures. He is gentle and kind. Milton is the kind of creature who never wants to get involved in a scuffle. He is “Bambi’s donkey” and he knows it and he likes it that way.

Milton carries his fat deposits in his neck, as you can feel how thick it is, which would otherwise be cause for concern. However, this type of “cresty” neck is perfectly normal for donkeys. Milton, too, has visited an elementary school and stood perfectly for the kids to pet