Banks joined our herd on October 31, 2017 at the ripe old age of 18 years. He came from a small exotic petting zoo in a small town of Arkansas where he was also used as a carousel pony for children’s pony rides. Due to his small size, Banks was unable to keep up with the bigger ponies hitched to the carousel and was, therefore, considered disposable.

Banks - Current Picture

When he arrived at our ranch, he looked like a very sad, downtrodden little pony. His sides were chewed up and in numerous cases, barren of hair as a result of the bigger ponies biting and kicking him. He was very underweight and his feet were sore and overgrown. He had drainage coming out of both eyes and was filthy. His neck had lost all of its muscle and is now and will forever be, in a fallen overstate.

Banks was treated by our equine veterinarian right away and was quarantined for a period of 21 days until it was determined he could safely live in close quarters within the barn and we did not have to worry about any spread of disease or infection.

Banks has a tremendous following of fans as he came into our barn as an underdog and yet, he has the sweet temperament and disposition, along with his small stature, to become a trained therapy horse. We will begin working with Banks on this project in the spring of 2018. In the meantime, we enjoy his lovability and desire to be hugged, held and loved on.

This is what Banks looked like when we got him. 🙁

Banks when we got him