On July 1st, Booker, being born a dwarf made somebody very happy knowing they were going to be able to sell him quickly and for the most money simply by the fact that most people in this world think that dwarves are “cute little horses” and they want one.

         Uneducated buyers never think of the consequences that come with owning a dwarf, and they are substantial.

         Booker and his mother were scheduled to go to auction in September 2019. Luckily, one of our Instagram followers contacted us with this information knowing we could provide him with the proper care and home. We were indeed able to purchase Booker and his mother from the auction and will be giving him the lifelong care and treatment he is going to require.

         His mother, will happily live out her days at the Peeps Foundation in Lexington, KY, where they maintain a herd of broodmares that have all produced a dwarf at some point in their life. By keeping those mares at Peeps they will never be bred again to be able to produce a dwarf, which we all know is producing a small bucket of health issues.