Chloe and Mr. Chocolate

Chloe is a 12 year old Welsh Pony cross. We adopted her from Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in August 2016. She was originally brought in to Longmeadow by The Animal Cruelty Task Force in February 2016. Chloe had been seriously neglected for a long period of time. She was severely underweight and her feet had not been trimmed in months. Her mane and tail were filled with burrs and tangles. You can see from her picture, she was pretty much a pathetic disaster.


The staff of Longmeadow took their time with Chloe and were able to save her mane and talk, by working through her knots with oils. Her feet were a different story and because they were so overgrown and painful, she had to be tranquilized just to have the farrier trim them.

Regardless of her poor treatment, Chloe is probably one of the sweetest horses in the barn. She would stand next to you to have her head rubbed all day if you would.

In June 2017, Chloe foundered, which caused her feet to become very painful and feel very hot. Founder is discussed in our Health Tab. She had to wear ice boots on her feet with ice chips put in them 24/7 for three days. We saw improvement after three days and she was then moved in to a different type of boot with a gel insert designed for laminitic horses, and it keeps their weight off of their toes.

Chloe was on complete stall rest for 30 days and was taken off of all food except for hay. After 30 days, she was able to begin walking in and out of her paddock and was able to be fed a tiny amount of food.

She has progressed to where she can go outside with the rest of the herd, enjoy a fair amount of food and is generally speaking, over her issues. However, it is critical that we maintain a constant eye as to how she feels and looks. If you ever notice her standing without bearing weight on one leg, or, shifting her weight from leg to leg, let me know. Also, she must remain on a very strict diet which means she is not allowed to have any more food than what is specified for her at the moment. Absolutely no treats, and no grass.

Mr. Chocolate

Mr. Chocolate is the youngest one of the adoptees we rescued from Longmeadow. He has quite the personality! He is very playful and inquisitive and will always want to be around you when you are working in the paddocks.

Mr. Chocolate can be a bit of a stinker while you are in his stall, whether it’s cleaning, feeding hay or anything else. Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye on him or at least remember your whereabouts when you are with him 😉