Ella and Sophie

These two mares are sisters. Both came from an obscure field loaded with minis. The owner owned traveling amusement parks and carnivals, so, his ponies were then destined for pony rides for life. We convinced him to sell us Ella, then, took Sophie too as she was always with Ella.

Both girls are about as easy going as they come. In fact, they are  most likely the ones we will use for visitors and when schools call for a visit as well. They are very compliant and good-natured.


Ella is Lucy’s mother. Despite the fact that she was terrible to Lucy as a baby…kicking her, biting her and even chasing her around the stall as a newborn, Ella has definitely reinvented herself as she has matured. She herself, was very young when she gave birth.


Sophie is Betsy’s mother and did a great job raising her. The telltale sign to tell them apart is that Ella has one small star on her face, whereas, Sophie has a long weathered looking white stripe going down her face.