We stumbled across Martha on a Craigslist ad. She was listed to be available for purchase in January, however, if she were to be a Christmas present, she was going to be sold on Christmas Eve at the rip old age of 10 weeks.

Our hope was to buy “Martha” before anyone without horse experience would get her, where she would live a typical dwarf life where chronic health issues go untreated and dwarves often die at a very young age.

Heck, after bringing her home from the 7 hour drive, she even tried to die on us. However, we rushed Martha to our vet clinic where she ended up staying in intensive care for 3 days.

Martha has Skeletal Atavism, which is the most fatal form of dwarfism. Her severe front leg deformities are her biggest health issue. Martha receives top notch veterinary care and farrier work on a regular basis. As she approaches her first birthday, Martha is being trained to become a certified therapy horse.

Martha, despite her leg issues, has an unbridled zest for life. She has the uncanny knack of running very fast and adding in all kinds of playful jumps and moves which makes even the hardest of hearts, smile.

Martha brings joy to millions of people all over the world with her daily antics and playful spirit.