Sherman and Miss Makenzie

These were our first two minis. We bought them when they were two years old and we became their FOURTH owner. So, right away we knew that minis change hands easily, often and are traded for other animals (i.e. goats, cows, etc.) In other words, we learned very quickly there is very little value placed upon them.

Miss Mackenzie

Both of these minis are very good-natured. The live well together and respect each other when one assumes a dominant role. Miss Makenzie will sometimes “bully” Sherman when it comes to eating hay.  He will literally go stand with his face in the corner. When you see this, just go into their stall and reassure him that it’s ok to eat the hay, pet him and he’s good to go. Likewise, Sherman will eat all of his AM & PM meals quickly and go shove Miss Makenzie out of her bowl. She scoots over and they generally share the last bits of her meal together.


Of the two, Miss Makenzie is more reserved being petted and loved on. I am working on it and she is showing progress. She now wants to be included in the morning “hug” sesh J They are both great to lead in and outside. Miss Makenzie is always first of the mares to come in. She is also learning to make friends with the others. At first, she wasn’t nice to anyone else except for Sherman. Lately, she has been grooming Lucy’s back…another progress step Sherman is bananas for Stanley. They play non-stop and they play hard. You must really watch the footing when you turn them out. They literally rear up non-stop with their play. Sherman’s bowl is on far right and gets filled first. By clicking and saying “come on Kenzie” Miss Makenzie will go to her bowl.