The Girls

We adopted the Girls in June 2018 from Longmeadow Rescue Ranch which is the farm division of the Humane Society of Missouri. The Girls claim the prize of being our hardest and most challenging rescues to date.

The Girls were rescued by the Animal Cruelty Task Force after suffering extreme neglect. As you can see by their intake video, their feet were grossly overgrown, their coats never once cared for and their manes a mix of rats nests and burrs.

Their spirits were completely broken.

Due to the lack of care and any interaction of people, all three mares reverted into a state of being feral. This means that they were fearful to the touch and extremely difficult to handle. Although we could see curiosity, piquing in their personalities, they nonetheless would tremble when touched and soon became very aggressive around feeding time.

One year later, progress is being made with their sociability, manners and renewing their spirit.  The trauma of extreme neglect is something that takes a very long time to undo. We anticipate at a minimum another two – three years before we believe these girls are really starting to live.