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Sailor is our hunky lug of a happy boy who happens to be a young Haflinger horse. Haflingers, also known as Haffies, are a smaller size horse, generally just cresting over pony size of 14 - 15 hands. They are friendly, sociable horses who often have a small draft like body. Haflingers are used for all types of riding as well as driving carriages and in Amish counties, often seen working in fields. They can be very athletic horses.

RNR - KHP- 2020 - 188-XL.jpeg

However, once we brought him home to the Ranch, all this changed. Sailor went from having zero personality to being one of the happiest horses in the barn. Turn out became something like a bit of a rodeo for him. He was deliriously happy to have the freedom of green pastures to run and play. 

Sailor, whose background is questionable, is a very happy go lucky kind of a guy. Once used by the Amish, Sailor was known as being a “steady Eddie” kind of a horse. He was slow, plodgy and the kind of horse you could put your grandmother on and not think twice about it.

RNR - KHP- 2020 - 189-M.jpeg

He became a comic, always delighting us with his running and bucking in the air. His new found joy is life was infectious and we beamed at his joy. 


To this day, Sailor behaves as we like to say, as a 12 year old boy, who doesn’t have time to slow down in life. The kind of kid who jumps off his bike, throws it in the grass, runs in the house for something cold to drink, leaves the refrigerator door open and blows back outside all within 30 seconds. 


Sailor is one happy, happy boy.

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