Guidelines for General Public


We are delighted that you have chosen R&R Ranch as your educational outing, and we kindly request that the following rules be adhered to when visiting our property.

Managing the safety of horses and visitors is considerable and we therefore ask for your assistance with keeping children under your control.

Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe during a visit. This goes for our horses as well. Visits must be enjoyable for both sides, visitors and our horses. Thank you for your assistance with making your visit an enjoyable one!

  1. Absolutely no petting of a horse unless supervised by a R&R Ranch employee or volunteer. We are not a petting zoo and do not portray ourselves as one. There may be times, when we will take a horse out to let guests interact with but this is never guaranteed.
  2. No running or screaming allowed
  3. No food or drinks (this includes children’s snacks) may be brought into the barn
  4. All guests who enter the barn must use our hand sanitizer and wipe their feet on our sanitizing mat
  5. Picture taking is allowed
  6. Our tours are highly educational and are not appropriate for children under the age of eight years of age
  7. Tours typically last approximately one hour. 
  8. There is no public restroom – please plan accordingly!
  9. Private tours may be arranged for groups of 10 or more people
  10. There is no public restroom – please plan accordingly!
  11. If you are not feeling well, coughing, sneezing or just feel blah, PLEASE do not come. If you or your child coughs or sneezes during a visit, we will kindly ask you to leave and come back on a future date 
  12. This is our home, our family and our employees and we will do everything we possibly can to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  13. All R&R Ranch employees have been fully vaccinated and will not be wearing masks. We offer guests who are fully vaccinated to forgo masks. Please use the honor system when it comes to this. 
  14. Martha, Baker, Booker Baby and Teddy will be available for petting. However, please note, these are horses and there are never any guarantees when it comes to horses. Horses may bite, kick, step on, nibble on clothes or shoes. Please note that by signing up for a tour you have fully read these rules and understand the risks involved. R&R Ranch will not be held responsible for injuries or torn clothing, shoes, jewelry etc when interacting with any of our horses. 
  15. Our Gift Shop will be open for purchases. We accept cash, credit cards, PayPal and Venmo
  16. Above all, please remember you are guests our property, which is our home.