Guidelines for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Schools


We are delighted that you have chosen R&R Ranch as your educational outing, and we kindly request that the following rules be adhered to when visiting our property.

Managing the safety of horses and children is considerable and we therefore ask for your assistance with keeping children under your control. If our staff has to intercede more than three times on behalf of unruly behavior, the visit will come to an abrupt end. Therefore, you should have a back up plan in mind in the event this happens and you have time to fill.

Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe during a visit. This goes for our horses as well. Visits must be enjoyable for both sides, visitors and our horses. Thank you for your assistance with making your Group visit an enjoyable one!

  1. Absolutely no petting of a horse unless directly accompanied by a staff member of R&R Ranch (this goes for adults too)
  2. No running or screaming allowed
  3. No food may be brought into the barn
  4. All guests who enter the barn must wipe their hands with a Handi Wipe supplied by our staff
  5. Treats and after school snacks may be enjoyed outside on the porch of the barn
  6. Picture taking is allowed
  7. Tours typically last between 60 to 75 minutes. Large groups or those with a lot of questions may be as long as 90 minutes.
  8. There is no public restroom – please plan accordingly!