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Sherman and Miss Makenzie are our very first mini's. We found them on Craigslist and they were about six hours away from St. Louis. They are the reason we began this trickle down effect of taking in miniature horses. You see, both of these mini's were only two years old and we were their fourth owner. 

This bears repeating. They were two years old and we were their fourth owner. 


When horses become fearful, they can act out in different ways. They can be difficult to catch (strike one) they can use their fear and turn biting or kicking into a defense mechanism (strike two or three) and these bad behaviors manifest and get worse as they continue moving from one person to the next. 

Today, Sherman and Miss Makenzie are now nine years old. They are both very beautiful and have both suffered through major illnesses. 


You have to wonder what happens to a horse that changes hands this frequently. Surely they must become a bit fearful, wouldn't you think? They have a new owner, at least for these guys, every six months or so. 


We hope that their story, serves as a lightbulb to those who have horses with behavior issues and try to put those issues into perspective. We think it's time owners stop calling a horse "bad" for reasons that were out of their control and instead, commit to doing whatever it takes to provide safety, consistency and love towards these horses.


Miss Mackenzie's Recovery

Miss Mackenzie's Neck Fracture

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