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Teddy was our surprise baby, born June 2020 to Eleanor. When Eleanor was rescued from Auction in the Fall of 2019, never once did it occur to us that the 19 year old, partially blind mare, could be pregnant. And yet, by the spring of 2020, by checking with an ultrasound, we discovered that indeed, Eleanor was going to have a baby.


Teddy was treated with fluids and antibiotics as well as had his knees wrapped to assist with his standing. Due to his prematurity, he lacked the cartilage necessary to stand.

Teddy was born one week later, not the 4-5 weeks he was supposed to be. Because he was so premature, weighing in at only 11 lbs, Teddy and mother were immediately whisked off to the clinic for 24/7 intensive care and treatment.


Once back home, Teddy was provided with additional nutrition than what Eleanor could supply. He was restricted on activity for one month until x-ray imaging could prove his bones were strong enough to carry his weight.

As Teddy stands today, he is solid, happy, mischievously playful and loved by everyone.
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