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Who sells a two week old foal at auction? We don't know who did. What we do know, is that they did it. And, once we heard about this two week old baby, with severely deformed legs and dramatic underbite, we knew, we had to do whatever it took to bring him home from an exotic auction in Oklahoma


Her story grew as support from adoring fans prayed for her strength to overcome her physical challenges. And, indeed she did. 


Martha soon surpassed her life expectancy of 6-12 months as her weekly treatments allowed her legs to begin straightening out.

Tubby arrived to R&R Ranch with little fanfare. Once the back of a hatchback SUV lifted, we got our first glance of Tubby and realized, we were in trouble. And, we realized, Tubby was in trouble. 


Martha soon became an inspiration to everyone who knew and loved her. She proved to the world that anyone can “do it” and one could have a happy life despite her lifelong physical challenges.

To this day, at the age of three years old, Martha is a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of people, all over this world.

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