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Generations of Caring

Stacy & Belle are a mother/daughter duo who head up

everything and anything that goes on at the Ranch.



Stacy likes to consider herself the Chief Snuggler of the Ranch. If there is a chin to be rubbed, schmootz to get out of eyes, butts to be scratched or a neck to be hugged, that’s where you will find her.

Managing everything from social media, interviews, media requests to scheduling vet and
farrier visits, creating new merchandise for the Gift Shop or conducting daily tours, Stacy keeps
her schedule busy and loves every minute of it.

In her down time, she can be found snuggling with Franklin on the chair, swinging in the
hammock with Handsome or, anytime before the sun is up, you’ll find her too, at the gym.


Belle, a graduate of Ole Miss, lives in St. Louis with her husband and two Golden Retrievers,
Ellie & Lila.  As a competitive equestrian, Belle competes all over the country enjoying shows
around the Midwest and travels to both the upper and lower East coast.

Her passion for horses began as a young girl, only seven years old, and has never waned.

When Belle isn’t at home on the Ranch or working in the barn, you can find her at the gym, taking walks or enjoying the peace and quiet of her own home.

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