Emma and Stanely

Emma and Stanley are mother and son. We got them from an auction outside of Kansas City. At the time, Emma was pathetic looking and a very sad horse. Her baby, Stanley, was only 4 months old at the time. We nearly lost both of them multiple times. Stanley with dire liver issues and Emma with rotting teeth, loss of her eyesight and having colic surgery in her fragile condition.

These two live very well together…we only have to worry about Stanley eating Emma’s food once he finishes his own. Emma can no longer see. Our vet believes she “may” be able to detect some shadowing, but, she is basically blind. This has been a slow transition of limited sight to no sight over the past three years.


Given her lack of sight, Emma is very reserved and skittish. Speaking to her in low, quiet tones, helps to keep her calm. As a new employee, it is going to take time for her to feel comfortable with being handled. This is going to require extra patience and time with her. Spending time in their stall and talking with her will help with this transition. Her antennae go up once someone walks into their stall. When leading her outside, always pause at the main door and say “step” which she is learning. Saying “step” coming or going is helpful to her. Once she is turned out, Emma has learned to navigate her way to usually the far right corner of the paddock. Most others leave her alone with the occasional exception of Sherman.

Stanley is very playful. He gets along well with others and you really can’t say anything negative about him, other than the fact that he never wants to stop playing with Sherman to come inside.


Stanley needs to be tied while eating in order for Emma to eat peacefully. Dishes are filled…Stanley first (far left) then, Emma. Emma will likely circle while food is getting ready. When you say, “You got it” she knows she is getting close to her bowl. Emma needs to have extra TLC at all times. This is Emma before we bought her at an auction….